Barbell Studs


Barbell Studs in two lengths: 6.25mm & 7.5mm.
As with all of our jewelry, each earring is made by hand.
Please allow for slight variation in length by up to 1/2 a millimeter.
Balls on ends measures 1.38 mm.

Shorter Barbells are best for a 2nd or 3rd piercing, higher up the ear.
Select the Long Barbell for slightly thicker lobes, lower-placed piercings and the tragus piercing.
Note: This earring is not recommended if you have very stretched-out ear piercings.
No backing required. Put in your ear and leave in.
Sold individually. For a pair, please order a quantity of two.
14 karat yellow gold. Introduced in 2019.
Designed and made in Japan.

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