We feel it’s our responsibility – whether as individuals or as a small business entity – to make informed,
considered choices and be mindful about the impact our actions.
In an effort to reduce waste in our business, we have reconsidered our packaging.

Back in 2015 we re-designed our packaging to be a thoughtful presentation reflective of our fine jewelry.
We selected materials intended as keepsakes and repeated use:
a branded leather bag, lucite box, letterpress card and muslin drawstring bag.

We find, however, some consumers decide to discard these items. For those customers who do, we’d rather save
the materials and save the related costs and with that saving in material costs,
make a charitable donation instead.

That’s why, with sustainability in mind, we have pared back what we send to you when you order from
kathleenwhitaker.com to a simple, recyclable Kathleen Whitaker card and paper bag.
In lieu of our legacy packaging, each order sent in basic packaging
contributes to our yearly charitable donation to the NRDC.

However, if these items are an important part of your Kathleen Whitaker experience – or if they are a gift – we
encourage you to opt-in by selecting the checked box in the shopping cart and we’ll gladly
include the legacy packaging in your order, at no extra cost.

We are making this small change in tandem with other new initiatives to reduce waste and promote sustainability.
We are open to your feedback and suggestions of how to improve.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”
Anne-Marie Bonneau