Lapis Ring

KathleenWhitakerLapisRing2 Kathleen-Whitaker-Lapis-Ring-1

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Carved from a single piece of solid lapis.
Two sizes available. Choose Size.
All rings are one-of-a-kind and will vary in shape from what is pictured. We can provide specific information about available shapes and cuts for this sale item. 
Approximately 1 1/8 inches across and .8 inches wide.
These rock rings are inherently fragile and can break or crack if met with force on any hard surface.
Please take care when handling and wearing.
Please contact us for similar styles or more information.
*All Rock Collection pieces are FINAL SALE.

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KathleenWhitakerLapisRing2 Kathleen-Whitaker-Lapis-Ring-1